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Monday, October 14, 2013

Shadow Lane!!! Waaaaaaay After the Fact (sorry ;P)

Ok, so I'm finally getting to the really good stuff :p  I blogged earlier about my awesome shoot with AAA Spanking while I was in Vegas, but now I'm going to talk about my personal spanking adventures during my time at Shadow Lane.  

I had been counting down the days until Shadow Lane for what seemed like FOREVER...This was going to be my very first time in Vegas, my first time at Shadow Lane, and my very first large spanking party in general, and I was ridiculously excited as well as super nervous as to what all to expect.  Early Friday morning, my Daddy and I left LA along with Christy Cutie and we carpooled the 5 hour drive into Vegas.  With each passing hour I got even more excited, and just couldn't wait to arrive!  We finally arrived in Vegas in the early afternoon, and I met up with my bestie Alex while we were waiting for our rooms to be ready.   After my lunch with her, it was time to wander the hotel a bit and play some 10 cent games of black jack.  Pretty much immediately I started recognizing fellow spankos everywhere I's both weird and exciting to meet people that you've been perving on FetLife for ages, but hadn't actually met in person.  It's all "OH hi, I know you!!  You've just never met me :)".  

Later that night everyone headed to the vendor fair to socialize and ogle all the kinky goodies.  I was only able to purchase one toy, but it was a London Tanner's reformatory paddle, so I was pretty ecstatic.  I got to meet so many wonderful people that night...I met Princess Kelly for the first time, and we chatted about our shared use of the amazing photographer Omar who takes amazing nudes of the both of us, and got along rather swimmingly.  As a gaggle of girls is always bound to do, she and I as well as Alex, Christy and the beautiful Erica Scott (who I also met for the very first time) took about a million selfies! 

Later that night after all the schmoozing, it was time for the suite parties!  With no particular theme in mind for the evening, I wore my cute cheerleader style schoolgirl skirt with suspenders for easy access to the tushie :P  We went up to the 9th floor suite where the atmosphere was very relaxed and while chatting with Christy, I leaned over/layed on the arms of two side by side leather chairs whith my bottom just slightly showing from under my skirt.  My Daddy came up behind me, lifting my skirt all the way up, and began to spank my naughty bottom for being so revealed.  After my bottom was pink and stinging with each swat, Daddy invited our new friend Whooperine to also take a turn spanking my rosy bum.  They took turns swatting me over and over again, playing my cheeks like a jiggly drum set hehe.  James Johnson oh so generously offered to lend a hand as well, so soon enough I had three amazing gentlemen spanking my bottom.  I felt totally giddy, giggling with happiness and warm happy feelings (and not just from my ever warming tush).  It was the perfect end to a very fun first day at Shadow Lane :)

On Saturday I spent most of the day with Christy and Alex and the wonderful men from AAA Spanking, filming scenes that I already blogged about.  After shooting, it was time for a quick shower and gettin fancy for the buffet dinner and dance party :) I wore my sexy little black dress and my Daddy dressed all spiffy and we headed down to the ballroom. 

Ballroom Spankings? Yes please!

Dinner was lovely and it was really nice to chat with all our new friends, and at this point I finally started to feel like we were part of the group.  We ate, we danced, we chatted and giggled, and it was an all around fun time.

After dinner, because I clearly hadn't changed my outfit enough times yet, it was time to change into my vegas lingerie for the evening's suite parties *grins*.  I wore a short black slinky skirt and sheer lingerie piece with sequins (how very vegas :P) underneath.  We wound up in Joe and Ten's suite where we would end up spending the majority of the remainder of the evening.  We met up with our new friend Kinky Coach who we had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the evening prior, and my Daddy invited him to play with me a bit that evening, which I was very giddily excited about.   So we went to the back bedroom of the suit and he sat down on the bed and pulled me over his lap.   He started with a regular over the lap spanking, while wearing a weighted glove which was rather nice.  It was very thuddy and packed just that extra little bit of punch, leaving my butt tingly and sore in no time.  I don't remotely know what started it, but soon Kinky Coach was belting out fake lyrics to random songs while smacking away at my bum.  I was quickly in a squirmy fit of giggles and rather enjoying myself.  I find a light hearted spanking to be my favorite when I'm playing with someone new, since it instantly put me at ease, settled my nerves and had all those happy endorphins pumping away.  After my otk spanking we rotated around so that he could spank me wheelbarrow style.  The spanks to my ass came harder and harder, reddening my bottom even more.  Being slightly upside down, I was in a lovely state of lightheadedness that only added to my enjoyment and happy headspace.  Kinky Coach grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me, so my back was arched sharply...

...and my Daddy walked in front of me, placed his hands strongly around my neck and pulled me into a harsh lip crushing kiss.  Not to brag or anything, but it was super hot and had me gasping for breath in all the right ways *blushes*.  I went to bed that night a very happy girl :)

All of a sudden it was Sunday and Shadow Lane was already more than halfway over for me, but there was still plenty of fun to be had.  Sunday night was pajama party night and I had the perfect black and white polka dotted ruffle butt lingerie/pajama set that I got shopping with Alex in Chinatown during her last visit to LA.  Once again Daddy and I ended up in Joe and Ten's suite for the evening and in no time I was bent over one of the couches in the corner, and he was laying all of our toys out beside us.  First he picked up our round wooden paddle and quickly brought it down upon my behind, over and over again the stingy hits landed.  My butt was warm and rosy pink in no time, so Daddy chose to move on to harsher implements, picking up XOXO paddles.  They thudded against my backside, striking deep into the soft flesh, making me squirm with each strike.  The strokes came again and again, with no rest time between, amping up the spanking with every second.  Next Daddy decided to use our new London Tanner straps...the leather was unyielding and strong as they hadn't been broken in, and each wound up stroke landed fiercely across my bottom, thrusting me into the couch.  Being new toys, the sensation of each stroke was surprising and exciting and brought a very invigorating energy to the scene.  Daddy eventually set down the straps, and picked up our large bamboo cane...which generally means quite a crescendo for the spanking that will without fail leave me in tears.  He swung the cane forcefully at my bottom and it came down with a thuddy whack.  I barely had time to recover before another stroke landed, pushing me into the couch with the force of the hit.  The strokes came one after another, unyielding despite my squirms and yelps of pain.  My Daddy placed his large hand on the small of my back to steady me just for a moment, encouraging my submission, even when my ass was scorching hot and and extremely sore from the rapid strokes.  My body relaxed into the beating and I took hit after hit to my bottom, my eyes brimming with tears.  After what seamed like a million hits to my backside, my Daddy hit me a final ten rapid fire strokes...they came one after another building in strength and speed, and I was pushed over the edge, breaking down with tears streaming down my face.   My Daddy put down the cane and sat on the couch in front of me, quickly pulling me onto his lap, where I buried my head in his shoulder and let loose my sobs.  As he stroked my hair and told me what a good girl I was, I felt so wonderfully submissive to his will and incredibly safe in his arms.  

After a brief break back in our room for some sexy time teehee, we returned back to the suite to spend some quality time just hanging out with all the wonderful new friends we had made.  My Daddy, Christy Cute and Whooperine all sat side by side on one of the couches and as totally makes sense, I laid across them, with my head resting in Whooperine's lap, and my bottom happily placed facing my Daddy.  With hands petting my hair and resting on my back, my Daddy started to spank me gently, tapping each cheek in a slow, rhythmic and entirely relaxing way.  I sleepily snuggled into everyone's laps, the taps on my butt slowing down my breathing, putting into a trance like state.  The chatter in the room almost dissolved as my brain focused only on the hands touching me.  I drifted in and out of sleep, waking for moments at a time, to squirm my bottom or reposition myself.  After some time I awoke almost fully, stood up, did a 180 and laid back down with my head on my Daddy and my bottom now in Whooperine's lap and hands.  He started up the gentle spanks once more, instantly relaxing me once again.  I'd drift asleep for a moment, only to awake to new hands caressing me, and tapping my cheeks.  I lifted my head to find Oak's hands now gently rubbing and spanking my tush.   It was a lovely surprise, and I purred and wriggled my bottom  in utter contentment at the amazing gentlemen treating me with such lovely attention.  And what could've been better than three great guys, but a fourth, when Kinky Coach knelt beside the couch and added some slaps of his own to my warm bottom.  I was totally blissed out, purring and giggling with the wonderful attention, being quatro-topped by some of my very favorite gentlemen that I had the pleasure of spending time with that amazing weekend. 

 It was the absolute perfect way to end the weekend, feeling safe and cared for, with a most wonderfully spanked bottom.

Also there were thigh beatings...


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Shoot with AAA Spanking- Part 2

Continued from all the previous AAA Spanking fun...

The next thing we filmed was a scene where Christy, Alex and I were all rival cheerleaders accused of fixing the results of our latest cheer competition.  We were dressed all spiffy in super cute cheer outfits, which of course involved taking many adorable selfies in the bathroom :P  

Us, up to no good?!  NEVER!!! ^_^

Unfortunately our combined cuteness certainly didn't get us out of a harsh interrogation to spank the truth out of our sassy mouths.  Lined up against the wall, we were questioned one after another, each of us whining and protesting that we had absolutely nothing to do with fixing the results.  When simple verbal inquiry got John nowhere he decided firmer actions were in order.  We were each bent over for a hand spanking, made even more ouchy with the help of one of Miss Rose's hand spank'rs.  It was an usual but fun hit with the same technique and strike of a hand, but less give and more ooomf, especially the thuddy type.  When that spank'r proved to be no more useful, we were questioned with the aid of a very ouchtastic wooden paddle that proved to be a much more effective revealer of truths, as each of our tushies were solidly spanked.  Soon the truth came out, and while I won't tell you whoooo the ring leader was, you can expect that they were punished extra hehe.  

For our last group shoot of the day we all dressed up in school girl outfits, under which we each wore a super cute thong.  All three of us sat on the couch with our naughty panties showing.  

So very unladylike *grins*

In the midst of peeking at each other's adorable undies, John came in and was utterly appalled by our unladylike behavior.  We were entirely too pleased with our outfits, and didn't seemed concerned in the least with how disappointed and angry John was with our extremely visible uniform violations...according to him, thongs are NOT regulation panties, and are NOT to ever be worn at school.  Our blatant disregard for his wardrobe opinions, quickly got us placed over his lap for harsh spankings on our cute, and very visible bums.  This shoot was hilarious to shoot and probably my favorite of the day.  We all were incredibly bratty (especially Alex :P I don't think I've ever heard he be so bratty when spankings were involved)  and just plain old smartasses.  We ragged on John for how old and pervy he was and almost no amount of punishment could put us in our place.  I also loved that I got to introduce John to the word coochie that day ^_^ which I'm awfully proud of hehehe.  I may or may not have used it in the context of "Ewww, Christy's coochie juices are going to touch mine" :D  

After all our group scenes were shot, we each did a short POV spanking video.  It was a completely new concept for me, and I felt pretty awkward doing it, especially since I had to do it with our my girly companions.  But I got through it and got to wear a super cute outfit with adorable Hello Kitty panties to boot.  Seeeeee...

And that was the end of my shoot at Shadow Lane.  It was probably one of the most fun shoots I've ever done, certainly helped along by my amazing spanking friends Alex and Christy, as well as John Osborne and Dodgy Dave, who were kindof the best :)  

And don't worry, more personal stories from SL are coming next...

Friday, September 6, 2013

My Shoot with AAA Spanking-Part 1

Since so many amazing times were had at Shadow Lane this last weekend, I feel like I can't do them all justice in one post, so I'll be splitting my adventures up into a number of posts.  So...stay with me for the entire picture :P

On my second day at Shadow Lane, I had a shoot with AAA Spanking.  My bestie Alex Reynolds and I headed up to the suite of the wonderful John Osborne and Dodgy Dave.  For our first scene Alex and I got snuggled up in our pajamas and were left to our own devices in John's hotel room.  As totally expected, we proceeded to get in a fight of both the pillow and stuffed animal variety!  There were pillow spanks to the bottom and there was plenty of hair pulling too.  Our shenanigans were so noisy that the hotel lodged a complaint against us, and John was sent to sort us out O.o  John burst into the room and scolded us harshly for being so irresponsible and making such a ruckus when we were supposed to be sleeping.  We were ordered to lay over pillows with our bottoms raised in preparation for our punishment.  I was snuggling with a stuffed animal Boo for comfort, but he was quickly taken away and placed in front of me with a hairbrush to watch us get punished.  Sooooo embarrassing and totally unfair!  *grumps*   Well, Alex and I were ordered to pull our panties down and display our bottoms for hand spankings and thorough swats with a variety of hairbrushes until they were pretty pink, and we're squirming :P  I found this scene incredibly easy to film, since I consider Alex to be one of my sisters, and smacking each other's butts with stuffed animals is not remotely outside of our normal behavior with each other hehe.  Left to our own devices for realsies, we would totally do everything in that video...pillow fights, hair pulling, bratting, and earning spankings hurray!  It made it totally fun, like I was just having a normal day with my bestie spanko sister.  

For our next scene, Alex and I were getting ready in super adorable girl guides outfits, when the super cute Christy Cutie arrived to join us.  She put on her Alice in Wonderland outfit and it was decided that we were going to film a scene where we all get in serious trouble business while getting ready to go out for a Halloween party.  Like the naughty girls we are, we opened up a bottle of wine and got a little tipsy while getting ready in our entirely too short skirts ^.^    Also true to her skanky ways, naughty Alex tackled Christy for a random makeout session while I look on mildly confused, and clearly disapproving HAHA.  

Naughty Business 

Anyways, slutty outfits and bad decision making clearly warrant spankings *grins*, and John quickly arrived to put us in our places.  All three of us are ordered to bend over the bed, and with our skirts lifted and round bottoms exposed, he began to spank the cheeks of one girl after another.  After our butts were all pink and warm, he grabbed a small wooden paddle to rub in our lesson even more.  All three of us were quickly yelping from the stingy swats on our poor tushies.  We were paddled over and over, down the line of girly bottoms, until it was clear that we had learned our lesson, and we were sent on to our party with embarrassingly rosy and swollen bottoms.  

The first two scenes were so much fun to shoot and involved lots of costume changes and picture taking in the bathroom.  Plus I find scenes with multiple girls to have an extra great energy, especially since I know Alex and Christy really well in real life two.  Our friendships, playfulness, and ability to get ourselves in trouble together is totally legit :P  

Stay tuned to hear about the rest of this amazing shoot and about my personal spanky adventures at Shadow Lane!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Shoot with ATP Studios!

A few Sundays ago I met up with Christy Cutie for a super fun shoot with both her and her Daddy.  She was all adorable and nekkid and still getting ready after her shower when I first got there a wee bit early, so after putting on some cute lingerie and putting my bows in my hair, her Daddy took some pics of me on the bed.  Christy was soon ready and came to join me, and any potential for sexy pics quickly went out the window as we dissolved into fits of giggles and seemed to only be able to shoot ridiculous poses.  


After we got some of our silly wiggles out, I shot my first scene with her Daddy Dave, A Hard OTK Spanking and Bare Bottom Blistering:

After finding me passed out on his couch, scantily clad in just my bra and panties after a long night of partying, my Uncle Dave startles me awake to scold me for my irresponsible behavior.  He decides that the only way to teach me a proper lesson is to give my exposed bottom a harsh spanking.  I'm quickly laid across his lap and the slaps of his big hands soon bring a pinkness to my cheeks.  Not appearing to be repentant enough for my actions, he switches to different implements including a giant teardrop paddle, a wicked curved hairbrush and the dreaded leather belt!  By the end of it, my poor bare bottom is quite rosy and sore.  

My rosie bottom ^.^

Even after pleading with my Uncle that I've learned my lesson, he still decides to tell my Daddy, so that I'll get punished even further.  After returning home and receiving a harsh scolding, I'm ordered to take my punishment.   After being bent over the bed, I receive an even more harsh belting that leaves my poor bum radiating heat and covered in red welts.   If you want to see my naughty spanking you can see it HERE!!  

Later after more shenanigans, it's time for Double Strapping Cousins!!

Naughty bottoms in desperate need of a lesson!

In matching daisy dukes and crop top tank tops, Christy Cutie and I head to the mall with $50 each that our Daddies have given us to purchase back to school outfits.  Being the naughty girls we are, we decide that money would be much better spent on sparkly belly button piercings!!  We return home giggling our butts off and though we attempt to hide our tummies as we come through the door, we are quickly caught redhanded.  We try to explain how we JUST HAD TO GET THEM, but it's no use and we're ordered to bend over the bed to receive a strict double strapping for our blatant misuse of our Daddies' hard earned cash.  

I won't give away all the spoilers, but I had so much fun with this shoot.  While it's always a pleasure to shoot with such a fun cutie like Christie (she's certainly earned her name :P), this shoot was extra doses of awesome because we got to be silly and goofy and both of our real life scene Daddies were there to administer the punishments.  I can't wait to hang out and work with Christy again, and luckily I wont have to wait too long, since we're roadtripping together from LA to Las Vegas for Shadow Lane on Friday (which I'm kinda so stupidly excited about, it's silly ^_^).  

More naughty spanking business in no time!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Purple Party

Three days ago I went to the Hollywood Spanking Group's monthly play party, for which the theme was purple in honor of a birthday girl who <3s purple things.  Going through my closet in preparation, I realized just how few cute purple things I owned...I tried to remedy this with a shopping trip, but was highly unsuccessful.  I ended up just wearing a cute purple sports bra as part of an outfit that I normally wear for my super funtastic pole classes.  As is becoming tradition, I went over to my friend Callerina's apartment and we got totally cutes together while watching Twilight (which I'm totally NOT ashamed ^.^ of).  She did an amazing job on my hair, and we had such a fun time squeeing about girly things while trying not to annoy my Daddy too much (he was soooo patient with us hehehe :D).

When we got to the party, we were all pretty starving from the beautification process, so I made a plate for me and my Daddy so we could quickly stuff our faces before heading off for some musical laps.  The group organizer Spanky had made a pretty hilarious spank mix for the festivities, and after musical laps we hung around a while and made fun of some of the amazing music.  I think my favorite was Booty Man by Tim Wilson and I thought I'd include just a few lyrics so you know just how amazing it was ^_^

Down for the booty, I want the booty 
Hunting the booty, chasing the booty 
Casing the booty, getting the booty, 
Beautiful booty, smoking booty 
Talk to the booty, more booty... 
Fine booty 

Now just add about 5 more verses with at least 10 booties each!  Epic Booty song, just sayin'.

My Daddy forced me to dance to each of the booty shakin' songs, from the silly Booty Man, to one of my personal favorites, LMFAO's I'm sexy and I know it.  Part of me is terribly, horribly embarrassed when he makes me dance in front of people, especially strangers, and especially when he puts me in the cage at the Lair to do it...but the other part of me, the attention slut part of me loves it and it really gets me amped up, which is always nice before I play.  It gets all those warm, fuzzy, endorphin feelings pumping, even before the cane strokes start landing :P

After all the dancing we headed over to the center of the main play space and started setting up on the bright red spanking bench.  I kneeled, resting my arms on the padded front, waiting nervously and comfortably on all fours.  My Daddy retrieved a number of toys from the toy bag, setting each one beside me...the vision of the evil ones like the 'firestarter' and 'the blue cane' making the butterflies in my stomach increase.  When those ones come out...I know I'm gonna get it.

My Daddy started off slowly, warming my cheeks with little smacks to each side and rubbing and massaging my tushy.  A nice slow hand spanking is always my favorite way to start off, it makes me feel very warm and loved, which is definitely necessary to get me through the walloping I'm expecting later.  After my bum was warmed up, nice and toasty and stinging from Daddy's hands, he grabbed our two black rubber paddle/ruler thingies (I just call them our XOXO paddles since one has XX on it and one OO).  They were gifted to us by the super cute Christy Cutie and her Daddy Photodave, and are now some of my very favorite toys.  They are quite noisy and hit with a really nice smacky thud and I'm a huge fan of thud ^_^, makes me all giddy.  He alternated hitting me with the XX (which is a bit ouchier) and the OO (my very favorite, just a bit milder than the XX), starting off slowly then building up pace until I was squirming and making "eeeep" noises with every smack.  We also discovered that he can hold both paddles together and hit me with both at once, making an even more epic noise and resulting in a very happy giggly Maddy *grins*.

My buns were definitely hot and pink after the XOXOs, so Daddy then grabbed our wooden paddle/ruler and started hitting away.  This rule I find to be rather stingy and where the XOXOs are nice and thuddy, this ruler is very stingy.  The sensation stays primarily on the surface and when used with a strong hand, usually gives me little speckled bruises all over my booty.  Staying with the wooden theme, he then switched over to our large frat paddle with holes in it.  The paddle is quite heavy and has then tendency to throw my body forward a bit with each hit.

The scene's theme seemed to be variety, so Daddy quickly switched up implements, so I couldn't get too adjusted to any one toy.  It kept me on my toes, and totally unsure as to what he'd hit me with next. And unfortunately for poor me, he picked up the FIRESTARTER OF DOOM O.O  Named such, because it feels like it's lighting your bum on fire.  It's made of leather and looks more or less like a noose, where an adjustable leather ring allows you to make the loop larger or smaller so you can either concentrate all the pain in a small spot, or disperse it over a larger area.  Like so:

I have a total love/hate relationship with it, since I was the dumb one who decided to actually buy it at a Biz Baz a year or two ago.  Daddy started to hit me with it, and while he started off fairly gently, it really didn't feel that way.  The Firestarter has a way of making you feel like your ass is being tenderized with a meat hammer, as it thuds so deeply that it feels like it hits you down to the bone.  He quickened up the pace until he was hitting me rapidly over and over again.  He then decided to implement a fun little game I'll call "switch".  He hit me on one side of my bum, over and over again until I couldn't take it anymore, at which point I was to yell "switch" and he'd start walloping on the other poor cheek.   I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  It was so weird to be in charge of how many times one side got hit...I'd think " OH, I'll just keep it on this side a while longer and spare the other side" and then with the next hit "OH CRAP, maybe it'll hurt less on the other side!!".  Back and forth he went with me giggling when I said "switch", but yelping in pain as each cheek was whacked.  Daddy watched me squirm and struggle and declare "why are you making me do this to myself, ahhhhhh", and I think he had entirely toooo much fun implementing his fun new little game.

We took a quick little break after my butt was thoroughly tenderized...and by break I mean he went back to the XOXOs for some more beating and played my butt like bongos with his big and quick, domly man hands  *swoons* hehehe.  By then I was feeling rather loopy and in a wonderful, endorphin filled head space.  He grabbed my hair and pulled me back towards him, kissing me and whispering in my ear, asking if I was ready for the end of my beating.  I answered yes, and so began the finale.

Daddy grabbed "the blue cane" and hit me five times on the left, the five on the right.  He always seems to be able to hit me multiple times in a row right in the sweet spot, where the butt meets the thighs and it hurts more than anything else.  It's really the easiest way to make me cry, and my eyes were quickly brimming with tears.  He hit me over and over again, and just as I was going to break he slowed down and switched over to our rattan cane.  The deep, dull aching pain of the blue acrylic cane was quickly replaced by a sharp searing pain of the whippy rattan cane landing on my backside.  The difference was startling and with the very first hit, I was wriggling in pain and I could not help but yelp in discomfort.  My Daddy struck from the top of my bum down to the middle of my thighs, with each strike hurting more and more as the cane moved lower down my backside.   The pain lingered with every hit and I knew I was marking up.  My thighs felt like they were burning, but I knew better than to reach back and try to rub my bum, as I'd only get in more trouble if my hands interfered with the next cane strike.  Daddy put down the rattan cane and grabbed up the blue one once more, moved to my left side and put his arm around my waist, pinning me against his side.  He started to hit me over and over and over with the blue cane, and the pain was too much.  I squirmed and jumped and tried to move my bum away from each strike, but my attempts were futile.  He was just too strong and he held my position without much effort at all.  My tears quickly overflowed and I sobbed against him as he whacked me over and over again, and I just submitting to his strength and his control over me.   And then just like that, it was over.  He set the cane down, lifted me off the bench and placed me in his lap, where I could cry into his shoulder as he comforted me and praised me for being a good girl and taking such a hard beating.  I felt amazingly loved and whole as He tenderly touched and soothed my welted red bottom.

As we were leaving the party --->

Days 2 and 4 :D  Oh how the bruises have bloomed :D

Thanks for reading! Til next time ;)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time

On Sunday I went to the Hollywood Spanking Munch and Party Group's Once Upon a Time spanking party for which I was super excited.  It combines two of my favorite things...themed costume parties, and spankings!  I tend to obsess over what to wear to parties and this one was no exception, but I eventually decided to go as Little Red Riding Hood (my adventure in actually finding a cape is quite a story in difficult ^.^).  My friend Callerina came over early before the party so we could get all pretty together, which was very fun.  She did an amazing job doing my hair and I thought it totally made the look!  Unfortunately all the hair curling time caused us to be a bit late to the party and I missed the costume contest.  I was super bummed, made worse that at least 4 people came up to me and teased me about missing all the fun *grumpy face*  

The hair that caused all the lateness ------>

Between bouts of being teased, I flittered around the party chatting with my fellow spanko friends.  I ran into my friend, the super duper cute, Christy Cutie.  Like usual we squealed over each others outfits and talked about belly button rings and red bottoms :D

After I was done being a social butterfly, my Daddy and I went in to the main playroom to settle down for some spanking time.  He sat in one of the big leather chairs and I straddled his lap facing away from him, resting my arms on a second chair.   It's kinda a weird position to describe, but I love how my legs are pinned against his, and it puts my butt perfectly in front of him.  This allows him to beat my bottom like a drum, as well as grab my hips and pull me back into his lap when I try to squirm away.  I get the freedom to wiggle my butt in front of him, but know that he's always in control and can grab me whenever he likes.   

The spanking started off slowly, with loving slaps to my butt that really started to warm things up.  I could look back and see that my bottom was already starting to turn a pretty shade of pink.  My Daddy started hitting me faster and harder, building up pace until he was hitting me so hard that I could hardly stay still.  He'd change tactics, sometimes alternating cheeks, five swats to one side then five to the other, other times doing a set of rapid fire spankings, alternating cheeks without pause until the swats were indistinguishable.  It's one of my favorite styles of spanking from my really gets me hot and worked up, since I can barely catch my breath.  After that the spanking intensified even more, as he hit both cheeks simultaneously with such force that pushed me forward into the chair I was resting against with each hit.  The sting was incredible and I couldn't help but let out a yelp with each slap.  Looking back at my ass I could see little bruises beginning to form beneath the ties of my Little Red Riding hood bikini.  I love rubbing my tushy when it's on fire like that...feeling so hot and warm and yummy :)  

After my spanking Daddy let me have a little break to dance around and have a cookie too!  But soon enough I was sitting in my chair facing him, when he told me to spread my legs.  With my legs spread, and feeling incredibly vulnerable, he began to slap the inside of my thighs.  The sting was incredibly, and it was so much more ouchie than a swat to my bottom.  He alternated thighs until they were both nice and pink.  Then he picked up pace and hit them with a one two, over and over again, switching legs every minute or so.  It was so incredibly ouchie, I was squirming and felt like I was about to cry.  Daddy told me to hold still, and obeying him was so incredibly difficult, but I resolved to do as I was told.  I concentrated on looking into his eyes as he slapped me harder and harder and I could feel my thighs burn.  At that point my thighs were speckled with small purple bruises that began to blossom with each additional hit.  There's something about seeing bruises that makes me incredibly happy, and at that point I just began to revel in the endorphins and happy spanky feelings.  As the spanking slowed to a stop, the pain was gone and all that was left was the wonderful feeling of euphoria.  Yay spankings :)

To finish it all off, I was put over the spanking bench for a quick and hard caning.  Daddy used our full length bamboo cane.  It's my favorite of all our canes, as it's quite thuddy, but it's still quite powerful and ouchie.  I received ten hard thwacks to each cheek, then a final ten extra hard strokes which I counted out one by one.  I didn't know it at the time, but I was supposed to receive another 10...apparently my whimpers and pleading for mercy saved my tushy.  ^.^

And that was the end of this Red Riding Hood's spanking adventure this week.  I'm rather proud of my wonderful bruises, and they're the perfect reminder of my most excellent spanky weekend.  This Maddy absolutely adores her marks *wink wink nudge nudge*