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Monday, October 14, 2013

Shadow Lane!!! Waaaaaaay After the Fact (sorry ;P)

Ok, so I'm finally getting to the really good stuff :p  I blogged earlier about my awesome shoot with AAA Spanking while I was in Vegas, but now I'm going to talk about my personal spanking adventures during my time at Shadow Lane.  

I had been counting down the days until Shadow Lane for what seemed like FOREVER...This was going to be my very first time in Vegas, my first time at Shadow Lane, and my very first large spanking party in general, and I was ridiculously excited as well as super nervous as to what all to expect.  Early Friday morning, my Daddy and I left LA along with Christy Cutie and we carpooled the 5 hour drive into Vegas.  With each passing hour I got even more excited, and just couldn't wait to arrive!  We finally arrived in Vegas in the early afternoon, and I met up with my bestie Alex while we were waiting for our rooms to be ready.   After my lunch with her, it was time to wander the hotel a bit and play some 10 cent games of black jack.  Pretty much immediately I started recognizing fellow spankos everywhere I's both weird and exciting to meet people that you've been perving on FetLife for ages, but hadn't actually met in person.  It's all "OH hi, I know you!!  You've just never met me :)".  

Later that night everyone headed to the vendor fair to socialize and ogle all the kinky goodies.  I was only able to purchase one toy, but it was a London Tanner's reformatory paddle, so I was pretty ecstatic.  I got to meet so many wonderful people that night...I met Princess Kelly for the first time, and we chatted about our shared use of the amazing photographer Omar who takes amazing nudes of the both of us, and got along rather swimmingly.  As a gaggle of girls is always bound to do, she and I as well as Alex, Christy and the beautiful Erica Scott (who I also met for the very first time) took about a million selfies! 

Later that night after all the schmoozing, it was time for the suite parties!  With no particular theme in mind for the evening, I wore my cute cheerleader style schoolgirl skirt with suspenders for easy access to the tushie :P  We went up to the 9th floor suite where the atmosphere was very relaxed and while chatting with Christy, I leaned over/layed on the arms of two side by side leather chairs whith my bottom just slightly showing from under my skirt.  My Daddy came up behind me, lifting my skirt all the way up, and began to spank my naughty bottom for being so revealed.  After my bottom was pink and stinging with each swat, Daddy invited our new friend Whooperine to also take a turn spanking my rosy bum.  They took turns swatting me over and over again, playing my cheeks like a jiggly drum set hehe.  James Johnson oh so generously offered to lend a hand as well, so soon enough I had three amazing gentlemen spanking my bottom.  I felt totally giddy, giggling with happiness and warm happy feelings (and not just from my ever warming tush).  It was the perfect end to a very fun first day at Shadow Lane :)

On Saturday I spent most of the day with Christy and Alex and the wonderful men from AAA Spanking, filming scenes that I already blogged about.  After shooting, it was time for a quick shower and gettin fancy for the buffet dinner and dance party :) I wore my sexy little black dress and my Daddy dressed all spiffy and we headed down to the ballroom. 

Ballroom Spankings? Yes please!

Dinner was lovely and it was really nice to chat with all our new friends, and at this point I finally started to feel like we were part of the group.  We ate, we danced, we chatted and giggled, and it was an all around fun time.

After dinner, because I clearly hadn't changed my outfit enough times yet, it was time to change into my vegas lingerie for the evening's suite parties *grins*.  I wore a short black slinky skirt and sheer lingerie piece with sequins (how very vegas :P) underneath.  We wound up in Joe and Ten's suite where we would end up spending the majority of the remainder of the evening.  We met up with our new friend Kinky Coach who we had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the evening prior, and my Daddy invited him to play with me a bit that evening, which I was very giddily excited about.   So we went to the back bedroom of the suit and he sat down on the bed and pulled me over his lap.   He started with a regular over the lap spanking, while wearing a weighted glove which was rather nice.  It was very thuddy and packed just that extra little bit of punch, leaving my butt tingly and sore in no time.  I don't remotely know what started it, but soon Kinky Coach was belting out fake lyrics to random songs while smacking away at my bum.  I was quickly in a squirmy fit of giggles and rather enjoying myself.  I find a light hearted spanking to be my favorite when I'm playing with someone new, since it instantly put me at ease, settled my nerves and had all those happy endorphins pumping away.  After my otk spanking we rotated around so that he could spank me wheelbarrow style.  The spanks to my ass came harder and harder, reddening my bottom even more.  Being slightly upside down, I was in a lovely state of lightheadedness that only added to my enjoyment and happy headspace.  Kinky Coach grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me, so my back was arched sharply...

...and my Daddy walked in front of me, placed his hands strongly around my neck and pulled me into a harsh lip crushing kiss.  Not to brag or anything, but it was super hot and had me gasping for breath in all the right ways *blushes*.  I went to bed that night a very happy girl :)

All of a sudden it was Sunday and Shadow Lane was already more than halfway over for me, but there was still plenty of fun to be had.  Sunday night was pajama party night and I had the perfect black and white polka dotted ruffle butt lingerie/pajama set that I got shopping with Alex in Chinatown during her last visit to LA.  Once again Daddy and I ended up in Joe and Ten's suite for the evening and in no time I was bent over one of the couches in the corner, and he was laying all of our toys out beside us.  First he picked up our round wooden paddle and quickly brought it down upon my behind, over and over again the stingy hits landed.  My butt was warm and rosy pink in no time, so Daddy chose to move on to harsher implements, picking up XOXO paddles.  They thudded against my backside, striking deep into the soft flesh, making me squirm with each strike.  The strokes came again and again, with no rest time between, amping up the spanking with every second.  Next Daddy decided to use our new London Tanner straps...the leather was unyielding and strong as they hadn't been broken in, and each wound up stroke landed fiercely across my bottom, thrusting me into the couch.  Being new toys, the sensation of each stroke was surprising and exciting and brought a very invigorating energy to the scene.  Daddy eventually set down the straps, and picked up our large bamboo cane...which generally means quite a crescendo for the spanking that will without fail leave me in tears.  He swung the cane forcefully at my bottom and it came down with a thuddy whack.  I barely had time to recover before another stroke landed, pushing me into the couch with the force of the hit.  The strokes came one after another, unyielding despite my squirms and yelps of pain.  My Daddy placed his large hand on the small of my back to steady me just for a moment, encouraging my submission, even when my ass was scorching hot and and extremely sore from the rapid strokes.  My body relaxed into the beating and I took hit after hit to my bottom, my eyes brimming with tears.  After what seamed like a million hits to my backside, my Daddy hit me a final ten rapid fire strokes...they came one after another building in strength and speed, and I was pushed over the edge, breaking down with tears streaming down my face.   My Daddy put down the cane and sat on the couch in front of me, quickly pulling me onto his lap, where I buried my head in his shoulder and let loose my sobs.  As he stroked my hair and told me what a good girl I was, I felt so wonderfully submissive to his will and incredibly safe in his arms.  

After a brief break back in our room for some sexy time teehee, we returned back to the suite to spend some quality time just hanging out with all the wonderful new friends we had made.  My Daddy, Christy Cute and Whooperine all sat side by side on one of the couches and as totally makes sense, I laid across them, with my head resting in Whooperine's lap, and my bottom happily placed facing my Daddy.  With hands petting my hair and resting on my back, my Daddy started to spank me gently, tapping each cheek in a slow, rhythmic and entirely relaxing way.  I sleepily snuggled into everyone's laps, the taps on my butt slowing down my breathing, putting into a trance like state.  The chatter in the room almost dissolved as my brain focused only on the hands touching me.  I drifted in and out of sleep, waking for moments at a time, to squirm my bottom or reposition myself.  After some time I awoke almost fully, stood up, did a 180 and laid back down with my head on my Daddy and my bottom now in Whooperine's lap and hands.  He started up the gentle spanks once more, instantly relaxing me once again.  I'd drift asleep for a moment, only to awake to new hands caressing me, and tapping my cheeks.  I lifted my head to find Oak's hands now gently rubbing and spanking my tush.   It was a lovely surprise, and I purred and wriggled my bottom  in utter contentment at the amazing gentlemen treating me with such lovely attention.  And what could've been better than three great guys, but a fourth, when Kinky Coach knelt beside the couch and added some slaps of his own to my warm bottom.  I was totally blissed out, purring and giggling with the wonderful attention, being quatro-topped by some of my very favorite gentlemen that I had the pleasure of spending time with that amazing weekend. 

 It was the absolute perfect way to end the weekend, feeling safe and cared for, with a most wonderfully spanked bottom.

Also there were thigh beatings...


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