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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Purple Party

Three days ago I went to the Hollywood Spanking Group's monthly play party, for which the theme was purple in honor of a birthday girl who <3s purple things.  Going through my closet in preparation, I realized just how few cute purple things I owned...I tried to remedy this with a shopping trip, but was highly unsuccessful.  I ended up just wearing a cute purple sports bra as part of an outfit that I normally wear for my super funtastic pole classes.  As is becoming tradition, I went over to my friend Callerina's apartment and we got totally cutes together while watching Twilight (which I'm totally NOT ashamed ^.^ of).  She did an amazing job on my hair, and we had such a fun time squeeing about girly things while trying not to annoy my Daddy too much (he was soooo patient with us hehehe :D).

When we got to the party, we were all pretty starving from the beautification process, so I made a plate for me and my Daddy so we could quickly stuff our faces before heading off for some musical laps.  The group organizer Spanky had made a pretty hilarious spank mix for the festivities, and after musical laps we hung around a while and made fun of some of the amazing music.  I think my favorite was Booty Man by Tim Wilson and I thought I'd include just a few lyrics so you know just how amazing it was ^_^

Down for the booty, I want the booty 
Hunting the booty, chasing the booty 
Casing the booty, getting the booty, 
Beautiful booty, smoking booty 
Talk to the booty, more booty... 
Fine booty 

Now just add about 5 more verses with at least 10 booties each!  Epic Booty song, just sayin'.

My Daddy forced me to dance to each of the booty shakin' songs, from the silly Booty Man, to one of my personal favorites, LMFAO's I'm sexy and I know it.  Part of me is terribly, horribly embarrassed when he makes me dance in front of people, especially strangers, and especially when he puts me in the cage at the Lair to do it...but the other part of me, the attention slut part of me loves it and it really gets me amped up, which is always nice before I play.  It gets all those warm, fuzzy, endorphin feelings pumping, even before the cane strokes start landing :P

After all the dancing we headed over to the center of the main play space and started setting up on the bright red spanking bench.  I kneeled, resting my arms on the padded front, waiting nervously and comfortably on all fours.  My Daddy retrieved a number of toys from the toy bag, setting each one beside me...the vision of the evil ones like the 'firestarter' and 'the blue cane' making the butterflies in my stomach increase.  When those ones come out...I know I'm gonna get it.

My Daddy started off slowly, warming my cheeks with little smacks to each side and rubbing and massaging my tushy.  A nice slow hand spanking is always my favorite way to start off, it makes me feel very warm and loved, which is definitely necessary to get me through the walloping I'm expecting later.  After my bum was warmed up, nice and toasty and stinging from Daddy's hands, he grabbed our two black rubber paddle/ruler thingies (I just call them our XOXO paddles since one has XX on it and one OO).  They were gifted to us by the super cute Christy Cutie and her Daddy Photodave, and are now some of my very favorite toys.  They are quite noisy and hit with a really nice smacky thud and I'm a huge fan of thud ^_^, makes me all giddy.  He alternated hitting me with the XX (which is a bit ouchier) and the OO (my very favorite, just a bit milder than the XX), starting off slowly then building up pace until I was squirming and making "eeeep" noises with every smack.  We also discovered that he can hold both paddles together and hit me with both at once, making an even more epic noise and resulting in a very happy giggly Maddy *grins*.

My buns were definitely hot and pink after the XOXOs, so Daddy then grabbed our wooden paddle/ruler and started hitting away.  This rule I find to be rather stingy and where the XOXOs are nice and thuddy, this ruler is very stingy.  The sensation stays primarily on the surface and when used with a strong hand, usually gives me little speckled bruises all over my booty.  Staying with the wooden theme, he then switched over to our large frat paddle with holes in it.  The paddle is quite heavy and has then tendency to throw my body forward a bit with each hit.

The scene's theme seemed to be variety, so Daddy quickly switched up implements, so I couldn't get too adjusted to any one toy.  It kept me on my toes, and totally unsure as to what he'd hit me with next. And unfortunately for poor me, he picked up the FIRESTARTER OF DOOM O.O  Named such, because it feels like it's lighting your bum on fire.  It's made of leather and looks more or less like a noose, where an adjustable leather ring allows you to make the loop larger or smaller so you can either concentrate all the pain in a small spot, or disperse it over a larger area.  Like so:

I have a total love/hate relationship with it, since I was the dumb one who decided to actually buy it at a Biz Baz a year or two ago.  Daddy started to hit me with it, and while he started off fairly gently, it really didn't feel that way.  The Firestarter has a way of making you feel like your ass is being tenderized with a meat hammer, as it thuds so deeply that it feels like it hits you down to the bone.  He quickened up the pace until he was hitting me rapidly over and over again.  He then decided to implement a fun little game I'll call "switch".  He hit me on one side of my bum, over and over again until I couldn't take it anymore, at which point I was to yell "switch" and he'd start walloping on the other poor cheek.   I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  It was so weird to be in charge of how many times one side got hit...I'd think " OH, I'll just keep it on this side a while longer and spare the other side" and then with the next hit "OH CRAP, maybe it'll hurt less on the other side!!".  Back and forth he went with me giggling when I said "switch", but yelping in pain as each cheek was whacked.  Daddy watched me squirm and struggle and declare "why are you making me do this to myself, ahhhhhh", and I think he had entirely toooo much fun implementing his fun new little game.

We took a quick little break after my butt was thoroughly tenderized...and by break I mean he went back to the XOXOs for some more beating and played my butt like bongos with his big and quick, domly man hands  *swoons* hehehe.  By then I was feeling rather loopy and in a wonderful, endorphin filled head space.  He grabbed my hair and pulled me back towards him, kissing me and whispering in my ear, asking if I was ready for the end of my beating.  I answered yes, and so began the finale.

Daddy grabbed "the blue cane" and hit me five times on the left, the five on the right.  He always seems to be able to hit me multiple times in a row right in the sweet spot, where the butt meets the thighs and it hurts more than anything else.  It's really the easiest way to make me cry, and my eyes were quickly brimming with tears.  He hit me over and over again, and just as I was going to break he slowed down and switched over to our rattan cane.  The deep, dull aching pain of the blue acrylic cane was quickly replaced by a sharp searing pain of the whippy rattan cane landing on my backside.  The difference was startling and with the very first hit, I was wriggling in pain and I could not help but yelp in discomfort.  My Daddy struck from the top of my bum down to the middle of my thighs, with each strike hurting more and more as the cane moved lower down my backside.   The pain lingered with every hit and I knew I was marking up.  My thighs felt like they were burning, but I knew better than to reach back and try to rub my bum, as I'd only get in more trouble if my hands interfered with the next cane strike.  Daddy put down the rattan cane and grabbed up the blue one once more, moved to my left side and put his arm around my waist, pinning me against his side.  He started to hit me over and over and over with the blue cane, and the pain was too much.  I squirmed and jumped and tried to move my bum away from each strike, but my attempts were futile.  He was just too strong and he held my position without much effort at all.  My tears quickly overflowed and I sobbed against him as he whacked me over and over again, and I just submitting to his strength and his control over me.   And then just like that, it was over.  He set the cane down, lifted me off the bench and placed me in his lap, where I could cry into his shoulder as he comforted me and praised me for being a good girl and taking such a hard beating.  I felt amazingly loved and whole as He tenderly touched and soothed my welted red bottom.

As we were leaving the party --->

Days 2 and 4 :D  Oh how the bruises have bloomed :D

Thanks for reading! Til next time ;)