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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Shoot with AAA Spanking- Part 2

Continued from all the previous AAA Spanking fun...

The next thing we filmed was a scene where Christy, Alex and I were all rival cheerleaders accused of fixing the results of our latest cheer competition.  We were dressed all spiffy in super cute cheer outfits, which of course involved taking many adorable selfies in the bathroom :P  

Us, up to no good?!  NEVER!!! ^_^

Unfortunately our combined cuteness certainly didn't get us out of a harsh interrogation to spank the truth out of our sassy mouths.  Lined up against the wall, we were questioned one after another, each of us whining and protesting that we had absolutely nothing to do with fixing the results.  When simple verbal inquiry got John nowhere he decided firmer actions were in order.  We were each bent over for a hand spanking, made even more ouchy with the help of one of Miss Rose's hand spank'rs.  It was an usual but fun hit with the same technique and strike of a hand, but less give and more ooomf, especially the thuddy type.  When that spank'r proved to be no more useful, we were questioned with the aid of a very ouchtastic wooden paddle that proved to be a much more effective revealer of truths, as each of our tushies were solidly spanked.  Soon the truth came out, and while I won't tell you whoooo the ring leader was, you can expect that they were punished extra hehe.  

For our last group shoot of the day we all dressed up in school girl outfits, under which we each wore a super cute thong.  All three of us sat on the couch with our naughty panties showing.  

So very unladylike *grins*

In the midst of peeking at each other's adorable undies, John came in and was utterly appalled by our unladylike behavior.  We were entirely too pleased with our outfits, and didn't seemed concerned in the least with how disappointed and angry John was with our extremely visible uniform violations...according to him, thongs are NOT regulation panties, and are NOT to ever be worn at school.  Our blatant disregard for his wardrobe opinions, quickly got us placed over his lap for harsh spankings on our cute, and very visible bums.  This shoot was hilarious to shoot and probably my favorite of the day.  We all were incredibly bratty (especially Alex :P I don't think I've ever heard he be so bratty when spankings were involved)  and just plain old smartasses.  We ragged on John for how old and pervy he was and almost no amount of punishment could put us in our place.  I also loved that I got to introduce John to the word coochie that day ^_^ which I'm awfully proud of hehehe.  I may or may not have used it in the context of "Ewww, Christy's coochie juices are going to touch mine" :D  

After all our group scenes were shot, we each did a short POV spanking video.  It was a completely new concept for me, and I felt pretty awkward doing it, especially since I had to do it with our my girly companions.  But I got through it and got to wear a super cute outfit with adorable Hello Kitty panties to boot.  Seeeeee...

And that was the end of my shoot at Shadow Lane.  It was probably one of the most fun shoots I've ever done, certainly helped along by my amazing spanking friends Alex and Christy, as well as John Osborne and Dodgy Dave, who were kindof the best :)  

And don't worry, more personal stories from SL are coming next...

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