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Friday, September 6, 2013

My Shoot with AAA Spanking-Part 1

Since so many amazing times were had at Shadow Lane this last weekend, I feel like I can't do them all justice in one post, so I'll be splitting my adventures up into a number of posts.  So...stay with me for the entire picture :P

On my second day at Shadow Lane, I had a shoot with AAA Spanking.  My bestie Alex Reynolds and I headed up to the suite of the wonderful John Osborne and Dodgy Dave.  For our first scene Alex and I got snuggled up in our pajamas and were left to our own devices in John's hotel room.  As totally expected, we proceeded to get in a fight of both the pillow and stuffed animal variety!  There were pillow spanks to the bottom and there was plenty of hair pulling too.  Our shenanigans were so noisy that the hotel lodged a complaint against us, and John was sent to sort us out O.o  John burst into the room and scolded us harshly for being so irresponsible and making such a ruckus when we were supposed to be sleeping.  We were ordered to lay over pillows with our bottoms raised in preparation for our punishment.  I was snuggling with a stuffed animal Boo for comfort, but he was quickly taken away and placed in front of me with a hairbrush to watch us get punished.  Sooooo embarrassing and totally unfair!  *grumps*   Well, Alex and I were ordered to pull our panties down and display our bottoms for hand spankings and thorough swats with a variety of hairbrushes until they were pretty pink, and we're squirming :P  I found this scene incredibly easy to film, since I consider Alex to be one of my sisters, and smacking each other's butts with stuffed animals is not remotely outside of our normal behavior with each other hehe.  Left to our own devices for realsies, we would totally do everything in that video...pillow fights, hair pulling, bratting, and earning spankings hurray!  It made it totally fun, like I was just having a normal day with my bestie spanko sister.  

For our next scene, Alex and I were getting ready in super adorable girl guides outfits, when the super cute Christy Cutie arrived to join us.  She put on her Alice in Wonderland outfit and it was decided that we were going to film a scene where we all get in serious trouble business while getting ready to go out for a Halloween party.  Like the naughty girls we are, we opened up a bottle of wine and got a little tipsy while getting ready in our entirely too short skirts ^.^    Also true to her skanky ways, naughty Alex tackled Christy for a random makeout session while I look on mildly confused, and clearly disapproving HAHA.  

Naughty Business 

Anyways, slutty outfits and bad decision making clearly warrant spankings *grins*, and John quickly arrived to put us in our places.  All three of us are ordered to bend over the bed, and with our skirts lifted and round bottoms exposed, he began to spank the cheeks of one girl after another.  After our butts were all pink and warm, he grabbed a small wooden paddle to rub in our lesson even more.  All three of us were quickly yelping from the stingy swats on our poor tushies.  We were paddled over and over, down the line of girly bottoms, until it was clear that we had learned our lesson, and we were sent on to our party with embarrassingly rosy and swollen bottoms.  

The first two scenes were so much fun to shoot and involved lots of costume changes and picture taking in the bathroom.  Plus I find scenes with multiple girls to have an extra great energy, especially since I know Alex and Christy really well in real life two.  Our friendships, playfulness, and ability to get ourselves in trouble together is totally legit :P  

Stay tuned to hear about the rest of this amazing shoot and about my personal spanky adventures at Shadow Lane!!

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  1. I had a great time Maddie, you girls were fun and I know that the films we made will look AWESOME!!!
    Now comes the boring bit as I get to start editing them for the website... bummer, but it's gotta be done!

    Hope to meet you guys again sometime :)

    John. xox