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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Shoot with ATP Studios!

A few Sundays ago I met up with Christy Cutie for a super fun shoot with both her and her Daddy.  She was all adorable and nekkid and still getting ready after her shower when I first got there a wee bit early, so after putting on some cute lingerie and putting my bows in my hair, her Daddy took some pics of me on the bed.  Christy was soon ready and came to join me, and any potential for sexy pics quickly went out the window as we dissolved into fits of giggles and seemed to only be able to shoot ridiculous poses.  


After we got some of our silly wiggles out, I shot my first scene with her Daddy Dave, A Hard OTK Spanking and Bare Bottom Blistering:

After finding me passed out on his couch, scantily clad in just my bra and panties after a long night of partying, my Uncle Dave startles me awake to scold me for my irresponsible behavior.  He decides that the only way to teach me a proper lesson is to give my exposed bottom a harsh spanking.  I'm quickly laid across his lap and the slaps of his big hands soon bring a pinkness to my cheeks.  Not appearing to be repentant enough for my actions, he switches to different implements including a giant teardrop paddle, a wicked curved hairbrush and the dreaded leather belt!  By the end of it, my poor bare bottom is quite rosy and sore.  

My rosie bottom ^.^

Even after pleading with my Uncle that I've learned my lesson, he still decides to tell my Daddy, so that I'll get punished even further.  After returning home and receiving a harsh scolding, I'm ordered to take my punishment.   After being bent over the bed, I receive an even more harsh belting that leaves my poor bum radiating heat and covered in red welts.   If you want to see my naughty spanking you can see it HERE!!  

Later after more shenanigans, it's time for Double Strapping Cousins!!

Naughty bottoms in desperate need of a lesson!

In matching daisy dukes and crop top tank tops, Christy Cutie and I head to the mall with $50 each that our Daddies have given us to purchase back to school outfits.  Being the naughty girls we are, we decide that money would be much better spent on sparkly belly button piercings!!  We return home giggling our butts off and though we attempt to hide our tummies as we come through the door, we are quickly caught redhanded.  We try to explain how we JUST HAD TO GET THEM, but it's no use and we're ordered to bend over the bed to receive a strict double strapping for our blatant misuse of our Daddies' hard earned cash.  

I won't give away all the spoilers, but I had so much fun with this shoot.  While it's always a pleasure to shoot with such a fun cutie like Christie (she's certainly earned her name :P), this shoot was extra doses of awesome because we got to be silly and goofy and both of our real life scene Daddies were there to administer the punishments.  I can't wait to hang out and work with Christy again, and luckily I wont have to wait too long, since we're roadtripping together from LA to Las Vegas for Shadow Lane on Friday (which I'm kinda so stupidly excited about, it's silly ^_^).  

More naughty spanking business in no time!!

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  1. what lesson could you both possible need iam sure your both taught lesson good alot of time from all those spankings