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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not So Strictly Spanking: Wedgies!!

So it's been forever since I blogged (as Alex so kindly pointed out in her blog about blogs :p), but I'm really going to try to get back into the swing of things.  I'm finally settled in after moving apartments and a lot of all around craziness, leaving me way more time to participate in kinky, spanky shenanigans (and even a little bit of time to write about it ^.^)

After not shooting for quite a few months, I finally had the chance to shoot with Christy Cutie and ATP Studios a few weeks ago.  We shot 3 different scenes, the first of which can be seen HERE, all very different styles, so that was super fun :)  

In one of the scenes, Christy and I were fellow cheerleaders...and being a trouble maker like always, Christy was going around school giving wedgies, and then blaming it all on me.  I was the only one to get in trouble, and wound up being completely humiliated by being spanked AND revenge wedgied (not sure if that's even a word lol) at school.

After school I go over to Christy's house and show her my red behind and exactly how I got a wedgie.  Silly me...I expected her to at least be a teeny bit sorry, and instead she was totally proud of her mischievous behavior.  Of course this means I *had* to teach her a lessen about being a better friend. I quickly tackled her, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her against me. Fair is fair, and I start spanking her bottom and pulling her panties high up  into her bum to give her a taste of her own medicine.  I quite enjoyed making her squirm and complain ;)

Payback *grins*

Then, in typical girl/girl spanking style, Christy decided that we were NOT in fact even, and that I was going to be receiving more spankings and wedgies that day.  She grabbed me by the waist, flipped up my skirt and started to spank my bottom and pull my white cotton panties right up my butt. She teased me relentlessly as she reddened my behind until both of our bottoms were matching shades of pink!


Look, we match!!

This is the second time I've shot a wedgie video, and I have to say I really did have so much fun (despite how much I may have protested ^_^ hehehe). In my personal life, other than having my panties yanked up my ass to provide better exposure for a spanking  from my Daddy (which I do find hot, in an embarrassing and uncomfortable consensual non consent sort of way), I haven't really had much experience with fetishizing wedgies.  And this was the first time I had an experience where the wedgies were equally if not even more central to tone of the scene than the spankings.  The wedgies were emphasized and definitely prolonged ^_^  

Now like I said before, wedgies aren't something I'm usually super into, but I have to say, experiencing them with Christy really changed my opinion of them!  Christy and I usually have a super fun and frisky time shooting just about anything...

See...Frisky ;) heheheh

...but you could really tell she was enjoying herself, and her love of wedgies was contagious!! She clearly found them yummy to receive and when she was giving them to me she really seemed to enjoy being a meanie to me...which in turn made them very delightful for me (in the best torturous sort of way) ^_^ , since I happen to very much enjoy when people are teasingly mean to me.  

Stay tuned for posts on the other two scenes we shot!!

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