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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spankings and Vegas Part 1

So I'm pretty much the last one, but I'm finally getting around to posting about my kinky adventures in Vegas at the end of February.  Even if it's old news and no one least there are pictures that will hopefully help makeup for my tardiness ;)

Our adventure started out with a caravan from LA to Las Vegas, consisting of Princess Kelley, her Daddy MrOMK, and Alex Reynolds in one car, followed me, my Daddy, and Harley Havik in the other. We managed to leave precisely on time, which with four girls who all have a tendency to overpack like nobodies' business, this was quite a success in and of itself!!  

Our first stop was for a bbq lunch at a gift shop near Pearblossom...what was meant to be a quick pit stop for noms turned into a much longer trip of buying lunch, fudge, sugary snacks, and knickknacks (my Daddy bought a Kylo Ren lunch box for himself and My Little Pony tattoos for meeeeee).  Eventually we made it back on the road, and made great time the rest of the way to Vegas...only stopping once for gas and once again for leg stretches, boob gropes, booty rubs and giggles galore ^.^

After the usual check-in process, we headed over to the suite for a bit of socializing.  As it was only Thursday, things were pretty subdued, so after about an hour or so of hugs and hellos we started to get the munchies again and went in search of dinner plans.  My Daddy and I ended up joining Princess Kelley and her Daddy for dinner at Honey Salt...Kelley introduced us to this wonderful farm-to-table restaurant last fall at Shadow Lane and we've been addicted ever since.  Dinner was delicious as usual, and the company fantastic, and after we had completely stuffed ourselves we once again headed back to the hotel.  

By the time we returned, the party suite was quite full, with many having just recently arrived. There were many many hugs and hellos to be had, and while I know it's probably a disappointment to hear, I didn't actually play at all that night. While this is certainly not the first Vegas party I've been to, it was the first one where I had zero shoots planned and more than just 2 or 3 days to cram everything in (we were actually going to be there more like 5 days this time around, eeeeep!), so I decided to view it as a full on vacation and really take the time to enjoy myself...and so for that Thursday I decided just to focus on catching up with everyone, reacquainting myself with those that I had previously only talked to briefly, and meeting new friends.  It was actually quite refreshing to feel like I had all the time in the as an added 'get to know me' note, I'm actually quite shy in large groups, especially parties like these where I tend to feel like everyone knows everyone else super duper duper well, and I know only a handful of people pretty well.  So it was really quite nice to give myself the time to settle in and not feel completely overwhelmed by my tendency to view myself as an outsider ^_^

I surprisingly got a great night's sleep that night and woke up Friday morning feeling refreshed and excited for the rest of the trip.  After lounging around all morning eating muffins and fresh berries with my Daddy (oh and drinking a giant coffee ^.^), we shuffled back to the suite in the early afternoon to watch the straight razor shave demo.  It seemed both incredibly nerve-racking to have that sharp of a blade by ones naughty bits and equally embarrassing to be so exposed, while simultaneously having a certain humiliating appeal to it, go figure heheh.  

Later that afternoon we once again returned to the suite to chit chat with whomever happened to be around.  Quick hotel room selfie of my outfit:

The suite wasn't very full at that point, but the lovely Erica Scott and her partner were there so we got to spend some time lounging around with them.  We also watched a fun and lighthearted scene between bWyatt and Nuna, who has a super cute behind.  BWyatt has an amusing way of playing to the crowd as she plays, so we thought we'd oblige her as we all turned our phones into scorecards to score the scene heheh.  

At that point my Daddy decided it was about time to warm my bottom up for the weekend, so he had me strip down to my panties and lay down tummy first on the couch.  He straddled my legs just below my bottom and gave me a lovely massage starting on my back and working his way down to my bottom.  As my bum warmed to his touch he started to alternate between massaging and spanking my bottom until it was pretty and pink.  He then would run his nails along the sensitive skin and I couldn't help but let loose excited and relaxed little wiggles.  It was quite delightful and at some point bWyatt came over to chit chat with us a bit and with our permission snapped this pic of us, which I happen to adore (I love the way my Daddy is grabbing my ass hehehe):

Later that evening my Daddy and I  got prettied up for a lovely dinner at the hotel's seafood restaurant with Princess Kelley, her Daddy MrOMK, TallandStrict (who is also from LA, but somehow I mostly ever see him in Vegas) and his date.  I tried oysters for the first time, though I kind of cheated since I had fried ones that MrOMK was nice enough to order and share, and decided they're full of win (the fried ones at least, I'm still too scared to tried the squishy ones :P).  My Daddy bought us a bottle of green apple sake which was super sweet and yummy and had me feeling lovely and toasty warm, which was a welcome change from my usual state of freezing in the over-cranked hotel air conditioning (for perspective I set my room to 80 degrees...yes I know I'm weird).  

After dinner was settled and I did a quick wardrobe change (dinner and spankings clearly require different wardrobe :P)  we headed back to the suite.  We socialized a bit more, and at some point it was decided that I would soon be spanked by both my Daddy and Princess Kelley. Being co-topped is something I'm super into for a myriad of reasons...I get double the attentions and rubs (total attention whore here, if you hadn't noticed *grins*), and when you get the right two tops together they play off of each others' energy and it can really take a scene to the next level.  

We claimed an empty bed in one of the side rooms and as my Daddy and Miss Kelley set out the toys I stripped down to my bra and side-tie thong and laid face down on the bed, with my hips propped up on two pillows to lift my bottom nicely into the air.  My Daddy started off by spanking my bottom, taking a turn first on one cheek and then the other, and in no time they were feeling warm and rosy.  He then knelt directly behind me and picked up the pace, drumming my cheeks by alternating back and forth in rapid succession with such intensity that I was instantly squirming.  

He then stood next to the bed, taking the spot to my right, while Miss Kelley took the spot to my left. They each picked out a heavy London Tanner's strap from the array of implements, and began to strike my raised bottom.  The strikes were hard from the get go, each one just as surprising as the last.  One came from from Miss Kelley on the left followed by one by my Daddy on the right.  They alternated back and forth, sometimes giving me a few seconds in between swats to absorb the blow and recover before being struck yet other points the strikes were a rapid 1-2, with no time to recover and my breath catching from the intensity of each full strike.  

My Daddy and Miss Kelley then each exchanged the leather straps for a cane each.  I had gotten rather used to the straps and when the first swing of the cane fell upon my already quite tender backside, despite being very familiar with canes, I squeaked at surprise with the difference in sensation.  The energy between my Daddy and Kelley was great and they both seemed equally pleased to be causing me to squirm and gasp with each hit (we even had a few spectators whose polite comments really hit all my exhibitionist buttons ^.^). With excellent timing (they even paused for a high five when they hit me with an exceptionally well timed 1-2), the cane strokes fell, hard and consistently, and my breathing quickened as I accepted each one. My whole body felt warm and tingly (my bottom scorching and the best kind of sore) and I was floating with the endorphins.  The cane strokes ceased as quickly as they had begun and my Daddy was next to me, rubbing his hand down my body and caressing my well spanked bottom and Kelley was beside me stroking my hair and telling me how well behaved I was. I was pretty much the happiest girl in the world at that moment.  

After all the rubs, cuddles, and pets, and after I came down a bit, I made the mandatory trip to the restroom to inspect all my lovely welts in the mirror.  Pictures were taken, butts were groped and it was an all around perfect Friday night!  

 My booty in all its welted glory! 

 Ooomphf Kelley gropes are the best ;)

I love how incredibly pleased she looks hehe!

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  1. Hi Maddy,

    Great to hear (and see) details about your "50" experiences. It's a very busy party and it's very cool to hear about other peoples experiences. I find myself asking "OK, where was I and what was I doing at that time". Which helps re-experience the party again, a mini-vacation back in spanking land.

    It been interesting in hearing from the accounts of several of the attendees that don't normally feel comfortable in large crowds, feeling a little bit like an "outsider". It's fortunate that our love of spanking binds us together. ;-)

    Honey Salt sound delish. I may have to check it out next year.

    I look forward to part II.